10/29/20222 min read

#1: Learn a Valuable Skill.

To make money, you need to learn a skill that is sought after, so that you cannot be easily replaced. Not only is this job security; it is freedom. The problem is the workforce is saturated. Thankfully, we have Web3 (a niche industry). Now let’s take it a step further: Let’s find a niche skill within the umbrella niche of Web3.

A few ideas: Rust DEV, Web3 Data Analyst, Web3 Consulting/Advising, Web3 Financial Advising, Web3 Content or Freelance Writing, Web3 Brand Ambassador, Web3 Marketing or Social Media Manager and Web3 SEO Expert. Look into a few - then branch out.

#2: Become the Best in the World.

I know it sounds dramatic; that’s the point. This is the mentality you must have. You must become so good at this skill that anyone who questions or doubts your ability will look envious to others. Your skill, for the most part, should be undeniable. As you climb the ladder, people will attempt to call your bluff. Your job is to ensure this “bluff” does not exist. A wave of confidence will overwhelm you once you are able to walk the walk and talk it too. It’s all part of the plan.

#3: Be Consistent.

Show up every single day, especially on the days you don’t want to show up at all. The mere thought of your absence should send people into a frenzy. Eventually many people will depend on you. This is a side effect of the game you chose to play. Consistency kills. Inconsistency kills too; just not in the good way.

#4: Give value.

For Free. Value is simply information or services so useful that it could technically be sold as a product. You don’t want to give out all of your value for free… not forever.But you should continue to provide it to people, even long after you’ve monetized your skill. Today we have multiple ways to share value to people at scale, faster than ever. It can be done via social media, YouTube, free content and more.People may question ‘why’ you are doing this so often. Ignore. Rebuttal with more value.

#5 Guard Your Reputation.

Guard it with your life. There’s no wiggle-room here. If you screw this part up, nothing you’ve read here matters.

Wrapping up

Do the above for 1 year consistently and you will become incredibly sought after. Remember: The key (or goal) is to be the best, but remember to take vacations, mental breaks and keep things interesting. Stay authentic. - Lite.

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